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Spring "Beauty Hunt" Challenge!

It's springtime in Indiana! One of my favorite things to do, even before I had a kiddo to join me, was to go on spring "beauty hunts." Grab your camera/phone, your kiddo (or not!), this list, and try it yourself today!

Visit your favorite park, trail, or just walk around your backyard or down your street. Work with your child/children to create a photo for each category of beauty on the list. And of course, if you want to share some of the beauty you found, please do! #KyleeMakesIt



Take a picture for each category. How much beauty can YOU find?
  1. GREEN beauty

  2. SMALL beauty

  3. BIG beauty

  4. SOFT beauty

  5. COLORFUL beauty

  6. TOGETHER beauty

  7. SHADOW beauty

  8. MOVING beauty

  9. STILL beauty

  10. BALANCED beauty

  11. HARD beauty

  12. ROUND beauty

  13. STRONG beauty

  14. SQUARE beauty

  15. LOUD beauty

  16. MESSY beauty

  17. SWIRLY beauty

  18. BROWN beauty

  19. QUIET beauty

  20. BRAVE beauty


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