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Gifts Ideas for Little Artists

Do you have a little maker on your list this year? Here are some great gift ideas that will keep on giving!

Good thing Dax can't read yet because most of what you will find on this list is also what he will find under the Christmas tree. And don't worry, no sponsored posts, just telling you what we love.


Because this is relatively inexpensive, I don't worry about how messy it gets. Of course, if that freaks you out, it's also very easy to throw some paper or a plastic table cloth over the top.

This is cute enough to live in the corner of a living space and sturdy enough to stand up to at least 2 years of a very mobile Dax Larson. Also super customizable if you're a DIY type.

I'm all about this table. This is the center of Dax's art space for coloring, painting, and play dough. It's nice to have an "art base" to make some boundaries around (i.e. we only use those markers at the art table). Put a kid's rug underneath it and you've even got your carpet protected from all the beauty that's about to happen above it.

MÅLA EASEL (IKEA / $19.99)

While you're at Ikea, here's another idea for a workspace. This easel is awesome because it offers a big canvas space (Length: 26 " Width: 19 "Height: 44"), comes with a bar for a paper roll (read: your kid could get their own new paper easily), and folds flat for storage. Your artist can explore drawing on paper, a whiteboard, or a chalkboard (don't forget to buy an part) all in one spot. The MÅLA paper roll you can also purchase at Ikea is $3.99 for 98' of paper.

Crayola XL Poster Markers (Amazon / $5.61 )

I cannot WAIT for Dax to open these up and try them out. He's been very into fine tip markers (who ISN'T?!) and I'm excited for him to try a HUGE one. They also claim to be washable off of skin and *most* clothing.

Making different types of marks is a building block of all kinds of art and learning for kids. Offering different materials to draw with invites conversations about opposites, width, length, and also how different types of lines and marks express different emotions.

Crayola Clicks Retractable Markers (Target / $10.49)

For those of us who spend hours of our lives trying to track down the uncapped and probably leaking marker to match the cap we found under a pillow (HOW? WHY?): Crayola has heard our cries and answered with retractable, washable markers.

I love you, Crayola.

Thank you.

White Craft Styrofoam Balls (Amazon / $11.99)

I'm including these mostly because I know I have a lot of fellow POFA's (Parents of Future Astronauts) that follow Kylee Makes It.

I just wrapped an entire box of white foam balls of assorted sizes last night, and I'm guessing this may be his favorite gift. The kid just really, really loves making solar systems.

These don't JUST need to be solar systems though. They can be ANYTHING. That's the beauty!

TIPS: make sure you get SMOOTH styrofoam. The kind that is a bit rough will be difficult to color on and it will flake off and GET EVERYWHERE. Don't do it. If you ARE in the solar system-making world (ha), you can find half-spheres that will allow you to sandwich in a circle of paper or cardboard between them for Saturn's rings.

4-1 Colors of the World Coloring Set (Crayola / $19.96)

Give your kids more options than yellow, black, brown for their portraits. Use these materials and this coloring book not only to honor all skin tones but also to open up organic conversations about uniqueness and diversity in your child's community.

For more about how to talk to your child about race and racism, PBS has a great resource site to check out!

Washable Tempera Paint Sticks (Target / $10.00)

Confession: it is painful for me to let my kid paint. It's such a THING. You have to get it ALL out and then monitor the whole thing like a HAWK so your whole house and/or child isn't covered within the first 5 minutes. This doesn't mean I never do it, but it does mean I have found a great alternative for days where it's just TOO MUCH.

Introducing: WASHABLE PAINT STICKS. These are a poem, y'all. Thick, rich pigment that feels SO GOOD to draw with. PLUS, they are contained like a glue stick. They need no water. And they are washable. Yes. Yes. Amen. Other brands make these, these are just the first ones I found this year.

TIP: I think it's good to keep some art supplies "special." This is one of those for us. I don't keep them out all the time. They come out as an event and that makes them even better! These will also work better for kids on bigger paper or canvases because they have a pretty broad tip.

Sketchbooks (anywhere / varies)

My favorite thing about a sketchbook as an artist is that it feels special. It feels like a space that is mine. My favorite thing about a sketchbook as a parent of a PROLIFIC drawer is that there aren't 700 pieces of loose white paper strewn throughout my house.

It's a win-win.

TIP: For littles, you don't need to go fancy on sketchbooks. You'll notice if you're at an art/craft store there are MANY types of paper and sketchbooks. Paper has different weights and "tooth" for different mediums. My advice for kids drawing sketchbooks is to go with the cheapest one but stay away from "newsprint."


You know I have about a thousand more ideas, but these are the big ones! Happy shopping, happy holidays, and happy making! - Kylee


Kylee is a wife, mom, maker, and YouTuber! Check out art videos for your preschool and primary-aged kids on her YouTube Channel!

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