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Families Make It! Thank You Activity Ideas

Thank you isn't just for Thanksgiving weekend...but it's a good time to start!

Here's two simple ideas that are super versatile and you can scale up or down for the ages represented in your family!


I'm telling you, clear contact paper is the gift that keeps on giving. Not only can you make this project from Kylee Makes Thank You's, you can create mosaics with wrapping paper for Christmas, crepe paper for birthdays, it's endless! I got the idea to use contact paper for play and art from one of my favorite Instagram moms, Mandisa. She is definitely worth a follow if you have toddlers/preschoolers at home. Of course, Dax used it to see what toys would stick if he threw them at it...that works too!


• Clear contact paper

• Masking Tape

• Construction Paper

• Scissors

*Note - in Kylee Makes Thank You's there is also a brief tutorial on how to use Google Drawings! This is a great way to introduce older kids to graphic design. You can find the image files I used in my design on the Kids Page! If you want to complete this part of the activity as a family, you will need a computer with internet access and a printer and printer paper.


• Unroll contact paper to the length of your window or wall.

• Tape, with backing facing you, onto your wall or window with small pieces masking tape while backing is STILL ON. This will hold it in place so you don't end up wrapped up in a ball of sticky contact paper.

• Peel off backing, removing small pieces of tape as you go, and taping around the edges more permanently to hold your art in place.

• Cut paper to size (you can try different shapes, sizes, etc.)

• STICK the paper on! That's it. No glue. No mess.


What I love about this project is kids can make it as simple or complicated as they want to, and you can make the lesson about the project as simple or advanced as YOU want to. For littles, you may have to do the bulk of the actual print-making, but they can definitely still help with the design and will love to watch their design come to life again and again.


• Styrofoam plate or container

• Paintbrush or brayer

• Something with a pointed end (the end of small paintbrush works great)

• Acrylic paint or printing ink

• Sharpie marker can help when putting design on printing plate

• Paper/Cards to print on


• Cut styrofoam to size of card/paper

• Draw design on styrofoam plate with sharpie

• Press down the parts of the design you do not want to show on your final print

• Cover plate with paint or printing ink with brayer or paint brush

• Put paper/card over the top of the styrofoam plate and press down evenly

• Remove paper and...TA-DA!

Check out Kylee Makes Thank You's to see this activity in action!

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