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Families Make It! Pumpkin Feelings Chart

If I had to name this chapter of parenting my son, I'd name it, "Little Person, Big Feelings."

I love this about him. He feels very deeply and expresses very clearly how he is feeling. ...usually. Sometimes, he has a hard time articulating (um, yeah, he's 2 1/2 and I'm 36 and ME TOO, KID) when I'm anything other than sad or happy.

When he (READ: we) feels confused, embarrassed, called-out, or afraid, his go to is usually to hide or hit. It's my job as a parent to help him find words for these feelings. It's my job, as a parent, to help him identify what those feelings feel like and look like in his own body and in others so he can manage what can feel very overwhelming.

The episode of Kylee Makes It, Kylee Makes a Pumpkin, is an episode about the element of art "line," yes. But it's also an episode that gives kids and their parents some simple tools and opportunities to talk about feelings.

As you watch this episode with your child, take this invitation to make faces together and maybe draw faces together on this free printable: My Pumpkin _____ Chart. Here's an example of how you might fill it in:

The chart is a great place to do this activity, but also a great resource to keep in the future. When your child (or you!) is feeling something strongly, use the chart to check in. Use the chart at the dinner table to ask good questions like: When did you feel happy today? What made you feel lonely today? Did anything make you feel angry today? How did you calm down? Did you notice anyone else feeling confused today, or embarrassed?

Here's an example of how you might fill out your feelings chart with your kiddo. If they are old enough, they can draw the faces in. If not, you can draw the faces in as you make the faces together and talk about them.

If you want to delve into the art lesson aspect of this episode with your kids, check out my educator resource on the educator page, which focuses on line for this episode.

As always, I'd love to see what you and your family discovered and created as you were inspired by this episode or post! Post and tag @kyleemakesit or use #kyleemakesit on Facebook or Instagram. I can't wait to see it!

Watch Kylee Makes a Pumpkin here!

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