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Families Make It! Leaves

Here's a simple fall painting idea for all ages!

Leaf hunts are THE BEST. In Kylee Makes Leaves, Kylee goes on a walk with her dog and finds all kinds of leaves. This is a great activity for your family, especially if you have a collector-type of kid. Looking for leaves is a great way to get interested in nature together WHILE getting outside and moving around a bit before the weather gets too cold.

There are so many ways you can expand on this once you get home. Looking up the leaves and identifying what trees they came from is SO FUN (even if you're 36...). I was telling my family for the rest of the day what kinds of trees we were looking at (oh! That's a Sugar Maple!) ...and I'm sure they were very impressed.

Okay, to the project! Step one, get out some watercolor paper, and if you don't have that, no problem. You can do this on regular paper or cardstock, just be sure to tape down the edges if that's what you're using until it's dry. Outline your leaf lightly with a pencil. If you want, add in some of the vein lines. Next, use hot glue or school glue to trace those lines.

Let the glue dry, and then set loose with watercolors! The glue will act as a resist to the watercolor paint, meaning that it won't be able to soak through to the paper underneath. This allows the lines to remain clear even when your little artist (or you...) doesn't stay in those lines perfectly.

Here is Dax's finished masterpiece! He tells me he has also painted a dog in the lower right corner. A purple one.

If you want to explore more of the art lesson aspects of this episode with your kids (hue, value, tints and shades), check out my educator resource on the educator page, which focuses on line for this episode.

As always, I'd love to see what you and your family discovered and created as you were inspired by this episode or post! Post and tag @kyleemakesit or use #kyleemakesit on Facebook or Instagram. I can't wait to see it!

Watch Kylee Makes Leaves!

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