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Families Make It! Beach Art

Art for the beach! ...real or imagined!

This is an easy and affordable craft that is fun to make memories with on the beach and also a great tool for sensory play!


Easiest way to do this? Dump some sand in a tray. Ha! If you want to bring it up a notch, check out this episode of Kylee Makes It -- Kylee Makes Beach Art!

I purchased two aluminum trays from the grocery store, one large and one which fit inside and was smaller. I turned the smaller one upside down to create two levels to create a shore and sea feel in the tray.

I covered these with vinyl to create a solid bottom on the base of the tray. You could do this with plastic wrap or aluminum foil as well. Then I just filled it with sand and water! I found some small shovels and beach pails at a party supply store as well as some palm tree toothpicks and drink umbrellas. We had some shells from the beach, but these can also be purchased if needed!

You can create a sand cast in this sensory tray OR on the beach!

Follow the steps from Kylee Makes Beach Art to create unique sculptures!

You'll need:

• Plaster of Paris

(you can pre-measure this in baggies to bring with you to the beach)

• Water

(follow the ratios on the packaging of the plaster. You can use lake or ocean water for this)

Disposable container and stir stick

That's it!

Create your mold in the sand (will work with footprints or handprints in the sand too!), mix plaster, pour, and let it cure for 30-45 minutes.

If you want to learn more about sand casting and how to teach your kids with this video and project, check out the Educator Page!

Watch Kylee Makes Beach Art now!

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