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A Bedtime Routine for Astronauts

Bedtime this summer around our house has been... a creative challenge. So, we created! We're happy to share a couple of these resources with any other grown ups trying to get their wild artist astronauts to settle down and get the rest they need! FREE!

A visual element for routines can be super helpful for kids, especially around bedtime. The latest episode of Kylee Makes It (Kylee Makes Planet Night Lights) includes great ideas for calming our bodies down for a peaceful sleep (as well as some things to avoid) and also a really fun craft with push lights.

The episode includes an 8 part night time routine because... 8 planets!

1. Clean room/get bed ready

2. Stretch

3. Brush teeth

4. Go potty

5. Put on pjs

6. Read 3 books

7. Sing 3 songs

8. 4 rounds of deep breathing

We also have found that saying and thinking positive things about the day, about sleep, and about tomorrow can be really helpful! You can find these sleep affirmations on the bedtime routine printable and in the episode!


If the night light painting isn't your style, here's how to make an easy bedtime routine chart that will still help your astronaut get some zzzzz's!


1. Print!

For bedtime OR for whatever you're working on a routine for! Just fill in the blank. Click either image to print.

2. Color & Fill In Your Routine List

3. Add Vinyl Backing for Strength (optional)

I applied a self-adhesive vinyl to the back of the paper just to add some longevity to the chart. You could also laminate!

4. Attach Velcro & cut strips

Magnets, tack, or a taped down paperclip on one side of each strip could also work for this step. You just want to be able to fold the strip over and attach near the planet to "check off" each item. Once you've added your velcro (or alternative), cut each strip across on the solid lines.

5. Ready to Go (to SLEEP)!

Attach to a designated space that is central in your routine. As your astronaut completes each task, fold over the strip until the list is complete and everyone is ready for sweet dreams!


Kylee is a wife, mom, maker, and YouTuber! Check out art videos for your preschool and primary-aged kids on her YouTube Channel!

For educator and parent resources, check out

Already have a Kylee Makes It fan in your house? Check out Kylee Makes Merch and Kylee Makes It on Cameo!

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